LA VIE L880(Voice/Tone)

Life Security Alarm offers the 8, 10 & 16 zones system to protect ours home. The system have been designed with a user friendly in mind-to detect alarm and report them.

Life Security Alarm L880(V), L810(V) and L816(V) offers advance features than L880. It a perimeter protection and interior, Can be use for Home Automation function with wide range of configurable features to suit our life style.

General features for Life Seurity Alarm Series:

– can support up to 4 keypads
– 4 home automation and 2 partition zone
– Individual chime zone & individual zone Bypass function
– Quick key entry for Away, Home, Panic, Zone Bypass, Review event memory mode
– Individual sensitivity for all zones
– Programmable siren on/off squawk for Arm and Disarm
– Fire, police and medical alarm
– view alarm memory function
– Call in with function menu selection in voice*
– Dual reporting for CMS and personal format
– Fax Bypass
– Remote access to Away arming, home arming and disarm system
– 4 personal reporting dialing numbers
– Falso Alarm prevention
– Anti-takeover function
– System supervision features

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