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Invisible Fence

Features & Benefits

Invisible Barrier: Emits multiple infrared beams to create a protective digital barrier “ fencing “ – Decreases dependency on protective iron grills on windows and doors ( hazards).
Weatherproof Design: Constructed from long lasting durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions: UV rays from the sun, rain, humidity, dust, etc.
Tamperproof Alert: Built-in security features will trigger in the event the wires are cut; or if the (IDF) Invisible Digital Fence is maliciously damaged or realigned.
Multi-System Adaptability: Able to complement other existing hardwired alarm systems and the HANTER® range of wireless alarm systems.
Pet Immunity: Unique “double-beam” triggering capabilities prevent domestic pets from tripping the alarm.
Extensive Coverage: Long range coverage of 20m, 40m or 60m. (Available upon request: 60m/200ft).
Slim & Compact Design: Aesthetically designed to complement and not compromise overall appearance of protected premises.

Model RENO460 RENO660 RENO860 RENO1060 RENO1260
Outdoor distance 60m 60m 60m 60m 60m
Indoor distancth Remark 100m 100m 100m 100m 100m
e Number of beams 4 6 8 10 12
Optical source Infrared digital pulse beam
Response Time 10~500ms
Alarm output NC&NO contact rating AV/DC 30V/0.5A
Alarm output-BUS MA BUS constant current carrier mode
Working Voltage DC 9~24V;AC 8~18V
Working current 60mA 80mA 80mA 80mA 100mA
Long life mode 30mA 40mA 40mA 40mA 50mA
Temperature -25℃~55℃
Humidity 5%~95% (RH)
BUS output RS-485
Tamper output NC contact rating AV/DC 24V/0.5mA
vertical adjust angle ±2°
Housing material Aluminium
Anti-dew/frost Heating cover (optional)
Length 70cm 115cm 140cm 165cm 200cm
Remark Item ended with B is BUS output detector, ultrasonic for option;
ended with T is synchronous mutual transmission style

Application Area
External Compounds • End-to-end of front, side or rear of premises • Garage / Car porch • Balconies • Roofs and Ceilings • Gated entrances • Glass panelled facades • Internal walls, floor and ceiling (against hacking from adjacent premises) • Common staircases • Storage areas & stockyards (Indoors / Outdoors) • “ Authorised Personnel Only “ entry zones.

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  1. How much the cost of invisible fence for banglow model RENO860?

    • Reno 860 is sold out. Now we have Reno 460 currently. Actually is same just the one is 4 beam and another s 8 beam. Now in Reno 460 prices is RM1500 one pair. Exclusive shipment. We are take great pleasure in submitting here with my best offer of services as stipulated. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you with our warmest regards.

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