CCTV Guide


Video surveillance has proven to be a sound investment. Statistics reveal a major reduction in the amount of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection.

Possible benefits also include reduced labour costs, deterrence of criminal or anti-social activity and evidence gathering. The reassurance that the system provides for staff and customers should not be overlooked. A system designed and installed by VSI will give you peace of mind in these unstable times.


Monitor halls, common areas or high-risk areas to ensure public/employee safety

Monitor hazardous work areas

Ensure the security of parking facilities

Remote Observation

CCTV Installation Servicing

CCTV Installation Servicing is a customer based website owned and managed by RENO SOON a home and office security system provided located in Seremban, Malaysia.

RENO SOON was formed in and has been serving the community in township like Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and other part of the country. It provides Installation and services for CCTV,Alarm System, Door Access, Autogate, PABX, PA System, Wiring, Renovation for home and offices.

LCD screens are now available for cctv applications. The advantages of LCD monitors are:

  • They are smaller and lighter than CRT monitors
  • Offer the possibility of 12 volt operation
  • Offer high resolution that is uniform across the screen
  • The resolution does not decrease with the age of the monitor as is the case CRTs.
  • The disadvantage is the cost although this is reducing rapidly.

An LCD monitor designed for connection to a PC does not usually have the required analogue inputs so check carefully before choosing this type of display

CCTV Installation Servicing

Under taken by RENO SOON, it provides new installation of CCTV home and Office system as well as undertake preventive maintenance of the CCTV home system and its related installation and components. The CCTV Installation either for home and office are configured with the latest modern technology in surveillance and communication to ensure reliability and serviceability. Some of the branded manufacturers are :-

  1. Panacom DVr
  2. Sony Dome Camera
  3. Sony IR Camera

cctv pc based dvr

If you already have a PC then with the addition of a video-capture card and surveillance software you have a powerful digital system. Some professionals are critical of such systems as it is difficult to guarantee the compatibility of the card and software to the PC. Conflicts may occur with other programmes. If you are buying a PC purely for camera monitoring and recording then you are probably better off choosing a dedicated digital recorder.
However, the purchase of a video capture card and software is a very cost effective method of providing a high specification system.

Advantages – easy to expand 2 ports to 4, 8, or 16 ports. Simply buy another card
– software allows many configurations for monitoring e.g. quad display
– records in real time, simultaneously from all cameras
– time and date stamping with motion detect
– alert wizard, send email with photo or video clip,
– mobile phone alert with voice,
– SMS alert
– audio alert
– MMS alert
– guard alert – sends live video to a remote recorder or security monitoring company.
– connect to Alarm panel
– low- cost all-in-one solution does away with the need for separate motion detect, splitters, quads or multiplexers.

Disadvantage – PC hard drive must have enough free space to record the camera pictures.

It is easy to see the benefits of the PC-based system providing you satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Competent in installing additional hardware and software programmes
  2. Have good housekeeping to ensure adequate free disk space
  3. Do not intend to use the PC for any other video capture or editing
  4. Do not wish to mix colour and monochrome cameras

CCTV Installation Layout examples

cctv instalation servicing

A typical CCTV Installation for a shop lot. The layout below indicate how our CCTV systems are installed for a shop lot. It shown various types of CCTV components are different part of the shop lot to optimize equipment cost yet having maximum coverage.

cctv instalation seremban

Another typical home CCTV Installation for a bungalow lot. The layout below indicate how the CCTV home system is installed. Various types of CCTV components are properly selected to provide excellent aesthetics and to optimize equipment cost yet having maximum coverage.

home cctv installation

A more comprehensive modern and powerful CCTV system installation are typical for a factory and commercial building. Due to the cost of assets in these type of premises, the selection of CCTV equipment can ranged from modern to traditional models to suit the budget.

office cctv installation

Looking at the various options on CCTV Installation, it is obvious that you may be overwhelm with so many alternatives and got yourself undecided which model of CCTV system is suitable.  Our specialist in CCTV Installation Servicing – RENO SOON provides such friendly and professional advice to meet your home security needs.